Sunday, May 25, 2008

have-to-see list check-off for mic; fenway park, boston, ma (the green monster)!

And I always thought that the "green monster" was envy.... well, apparently it's not! Here we are taking a gander at Fenway Park's very own green monster. We had an excellent visit and learned more about the ball park than I knew was possible!

old chub! one of the beers we tried in boston this weekend!

Here's an "Old Chub" on the porch . . . (no, not Mic ― the beer)!

Old Chub is a Scottish strong ale brewed with hearty amounts of seven different malts, including crystal and chocolate malts, and a smidge of US and UK hops. Old Chub also gets a dash of beechwood-smoked grains imported from Bamburg, Germany, home of the world's greatest smoked beers. Old Chub is 8% alcohol by volume.

fenway park, boston, ma ― jay & emily, brie & mic

brie & mic, w. newton, ma -- ride in peace, sheldon brown

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So we're headed north today- up to Boston, well, actually I think it's Waltham? Not too sure. But what I do know is we're going to visit Emily and Jay to check out the "baby bump." The plane leaves this afternoon and we'll be back on Sunday to enjoy the rest of the long weekend. The weather has finally seemed to clear up-- woke up to bright blue skies with not a cloud in sight.

We're both looking very much forward to share in the excitement of the pregnancy. It's one of those things, I think it will sink in that Mic's going to really be a grandpa when we get to see them and check out all of those great things that pregnant couples do-- you know, the "nesting" stuff."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Dal―e Llama of Pale Ales?

Just had my first (okay, first of a few― I saved one for our display shelf) Dale's Pale Ale. Man, this stuff is great! Expensive, but great!

Dales' Pale Ale features a meringue-like head, a copper color, and a hoppy nose, thanks to a big post-boil addition of Centennial hops. To complement its hoppy first impression, Dale's also sports a rich middle of malts and hops, and a bracing finish. Dale's is 6.5% alcohol by volume, and features 65 International Bittering Units.

Oskar Blues

Available in 6's & 12's at Festival Major Liquor, Frederick, MD

Harris Cyclery, West Newton, MA

After reading many of Sheldon Brown's how-to's for converting bikes to singlespeeds and fixies I discovered the shop he worked at is only a few miles from my daughter and son-in-law's home. Although this legendary "guru" of cycling left us in February for that last long ride, I am still looking forward to a visit to the shop that was his home for so many years during our upcoming trip to New England.

New shoes (or, how Mic spent part of his economic stimulus check)!

Mic's new Sidi Dominator 5 Lorica MTB Shoes; he says he couldn't resist them after a 20% discount and some unused bonus points at Performance Bicycle in Gaithersburg.

Performance Bicycle

Sunday, May 11, 2008

the posse

Mick K-- The renaissance man of the mountain biking world. Not only can he ride the mountain bike, but then...he'll write you a poem about it and maybe even put it to a tune on his guitar. Enjoys nothing more than the cold beer after a long ride with the warm sun on his back.

Me.... Dirty girl, no, not like that, more like the "I haven't showered in 3 days" kinda girl. Likes mountain biking, swimming, and putting my feet up in the backyard after a long day at "the City."

Lyn Knee-- Fearless matriarch of the Posse. Clymbs like a mountain goat and is always packing a picnic.

"Anyone care for some carrots and hummus, beer and bagels? ― not necessarily in that order."

Ken Knee- True pioneer of bicycling. Has had more bikes than most men have had woman. Can ride with no brakes, a smashed big ring- but hey, who needs that anyway? Seperated shoulder?― I thought it was supposed to look like that. See ya on the Big Red Hill.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


After much anticipation, I finally got my new tattoo on the top of my back . . . it's beautiful! It's a snowlion― a mythical animal featured in a ton of Tibetan artwork. Often deities are pictured riding atop the back of a snowlion, which is characterized by its greenish/turquoise mane, due to it's fearless nature and dominance over the mountains (that's where I'm hoping it comes in handy!). The artist, John, at Classic Electric on Market Street, did an absolutely fabulous job― I couldn't be happier.

Now the healing process begins!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

mic's fat-tire singlespeed (32x16) maiden ride at schaeffer farm

At the advice of fellow riders at the Bike Site, I chose to test ride the new singlespeed at Schaeffer Farm. Rode the white trail 2x and no problems although my legs felt a bit tired that evening. All and all― sweet!

"Riding a singlespeed can help bring back the unfettered joy you experienced riding your bike as a child. You don't realize how much mental energy you devote to shifting until you relinquish your derailers, and discover that a whole corner of your brain that was formerly wondering when to shift is now free to enjoy your surroundings and sensations."

Sheldon "One is All You Need" Brown

Hmm, will a fixie be next in my future?