Monday, September 22, 2008

Ex2's Day of Endurance!

It was no day at the beach . . . that's for certain; but, it was great fun!

Team TraveLynne Show (Lynne & Ken) finished 2nd with seven laps in the Duo Co-Ed class; team Surly & the Fox (Mic & Brie) finished 4th with seven laps in the same class.

Mic rode the last mile of his final lap on a flat front tire (check out thumb tack on top of front tire) to get to the transition tent in time for Brie to go out for the seventh lap (her fourth) . . .

. . . What a girl! She was probably secretly wishing I wouldn't get back in time! But, she is one tough woman and even had a smile on her face as she headed out again! It was a great first endurance race for us both! The beer, by the way, finished first! The Collard girls both rock'd it for a seventh lap that got us all on the podium! Girls rule!

Brie dismounting for the final time before heading into the transition tent; and, smiling to the end (or is that because I had a cold beer for her in my hand?)!

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