Saturday, June 28, 2008

Great weekend of campin' & ridin' in Fredrock!

My girl! Not only beautiful; but clymbs lika freakin' goat! Love ya, Baby! Ahh, Deco . . . aka Mr. Peepers . . dogs don't get much better than this one!

Tasty beer #? . . . Damn, so many good ones this weekend!

My woman in-law . . Lynne! Brie's Mom! Awesome lady! Kicks my butt most all the time!

Hmm, # ? . . . sheesh, who bought all these fun brews?

Totally awesome Hawk lands right at the site next to us while we were camping!

Saturday's ride . . . out from Sand Flat! Our ride (up) Super Sweet was intense, to put it mildly; much prefer goin' down that one! Playing around and ridin' a little on Rock Candy was really fun though!

Brie back at camp!

Mic cheating on his Trek Fuel EX 8 with some sleazy, leather-saddled, well-built single speed!

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